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Commercial Cleaning
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Practical High Pressure Steam Cleaning Solutions

High pressure jetting is a fast cost effective system for cleaning drains and sewers. The high pressure jetting equipment can be used for removing accumulated deposits of debris and silt; it can be used for cleaning blockages and cutting roots.

UK Commercial Cleaning have acquired a reputation as the leading specialists in high pressure jetting in the UK and offer the following steam cleaning services:

  • Root cutting equipment including root masses, tap roots and also fibrous roots
  • De-Scaling equipment for clearing accumulated deposits of grease, soft encrustation and scale
  • High water pressure cutting equipment can be used for removing excess jointing material, root removal and some intruding connections
  • Location equipment to determine the exact position of any blockage

Experts in High Pressure Steam Cleaning

With medium-sized tow jetters operated by fully trained personnel, qualified by the High Pressure Water Jetting Association, we have the capability of cleaning drainage up to and including 300mm diameter. For larger pipe work we can provide Vactor and Super Vactor combination units.

A fleet of commercial vehicles and 50 technical staff and 5 Surveyors allows UK Commercial Cleaning to be able to offer its high pressure jetting services nationwide including Ashington, Newcastle and Blyth. Working for both the private and public sector we have experience of inspecting a diverse range of built environments including academic, commercial, residential, nuclear, utilities and off-shore properties. Surveyors receive additional training for hazards that interface with the services activities.

Our areas of expertise cover a range of applications for Steam Cleaning treatment.

Food preparation and Food Service areas in particular not only become unsightly without regular de-greasing, but they are also dangerous in respect of Fire precautions and Health and Safety requirements.

In both domestic and commercial premises, we can treat upholstery, carpets, storeroom floors, outdoor play areas and a range of surfaces which not only need to be refreshed in appearance but which also need to be rid of germs and other potential sources of infection. Do we know how many members of our family or workforce might be suffering from a dust or house mite allergy?

This service is particularly useful when a room is required to undergo a change of use e.g. from storeroom to office accommodation at reasonable cost.

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