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Commercial Cleaning
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Returning UPVC to it's original condition

The use of UPVC materials in construction has revolutionised the durability factor in buildings, but no matter how long structures of this type last they are still subject to contamination by either the elements externally or the internal environment.

Domestic, Commercial and Industrial premises on which large amounts of money have been spent very soon begin to appear tired.

At UK Commercial Cleaning, we can restore all UPVC back to its original state leaving them looking new and clean. We recommend cleaning at least once a year in order to protect the general appearance of your building and thus of your image.

High Performance UPVC Cleaning & Restoration

UPVC is portrayed as being a maintenance free product but over time your UPVC windows and doors can become discoloured from grime and organic material. Our UPVC cleaning service returns dirty or discoloured UPVC to its former glory using our own range of cleaning solutions and solvents.

Did you know that although a life expectancy of 40 years plus is claimed by the UPVC window manufacturers, the average age of UPVC windows being removed in the UK is only 18 years. This is largely due to sales claims of the windows and doors being maintenance free, a nice thought, but, unfortunately not true.

If the UPVC window frames are not washed regularly the surface of the UPVC starts to degrade, left long term the windows become very unsightly hence the average window is replaced in 18 years rather than the 40 that the frames are designed to last.

Help is at hand though, so rather than going to the large financial expense of having your windows and doors replaced, our team of UPVC cleaning specialist can apply a high performance water borne cleaner to your white UPVC windows and doors, for really stubborn or ingrained grime we use our own branded restorer that removes ingrained dirt without scratching the surface, it simply removes a very fine outer layer of the UPVC.

Revitalise the look of your home by having your UPVC windows and doors cleaned and restored today, contact our team for more information now.

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