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The Benefits of Hiring Commercial Cleaning Companies to Keep Your School & Classrooms Clean

February 15, 2018 - by Tony Earnshaw

Keeping a school clean and hygienic should be a top priority. A clean learning environment is not only healthier, but can also minimise distractions. With staff, students, and guests visiting regularly, schools can be a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. But with regular cleaning and decluttering, the risk of infection can be easily avoided.

If you are considering hiring a commercial cleaning company, take a look at some of the benefits below.

Experience Counts

Professional cleaning companies have seen it all before. They know how much time and product to allocate to specific areas, and are the most efficient cleaners as a result. Their experience also means that they know how to target specific problem areas, or issues that you may not have considered. Many people clean and disinfect surfaces, for example, but often forget to do the same to door frames, the undersides of surfaces, or other areas that are easily missed.

Devoting time and energy to cleaning is important, but it is time that you could spend on developing the curriculum or scheduling activities, for example. By using a commercial cleaning company, you will be ensuring that your own skills are being putting to the best possible use – just as theirs are.

Good Value

Hiring a commercial cleaning company may seem to be a large initial outlay, but overall it is likely to be very good value. It will not be cost-effective to spend money each month or term on large amounts of cleaning products, only to end up wasting some, reordering others, or not selecting the correct products. Commercial cleaning companies can advise on products, services, and cleaning packages, taking the headache out of cleaning large areas. Select a reputable company, such as UK Commercial Cleaning, and you will save time, money and energy that can all be re-invested in the school.

Tony Earnshaw

Managing Director

Since single-handedly forming the UK Commercial Group a decade ago, Tony Earnshaw has remained at the helm - overseeing the company's developments and making all of the plays necessary to remain at the forefront of a highly competitive industry.

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