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Biggest Garden Pests!

July 18, 2019 - by Tony Earnshaw

At this time of year, many of us will be enjoying the long, warm days in our gardens. But one thing that can put a dampener on it is the influx of common garden pests that are prevalent in gardens up and down the country at this time of year. At best irritating and at worst highly destructive, pests need to be dealt with.

Top Pests & How to Remove Them

Slugs and snails are prone to destroying plants and flowers by chewing holes in leaves. They can also be dangerous to pets as they carry lungworm. You can buy certain plants (such as fennel, mint and foxgloves) which repel these critters. Seaweed and eggshells are also natural repellents.

The vine weevil is a problem for gardeners who grow in containers. The weevil grub will attack the roots and cause the rest of the plant to die. Attaching a sticky barrier to the bottom of the container will prevent them from entering.

The box tree moth is most destructive when it is a caterpillar. It will feed on webbing which kills a plant entirely. This is a relatively new breed to the UK and thus far, the best way to remove them is thought to be by hand.

Glasshouse thrips operate mostly within greenhouses by sucking sap directly from plants. This removes the plant’s goodness leaving mottling and damage on the leaves. They are generally active all year round but can be removed by using fly paper or other sticky substances within the greenhouse.

Pests to Leave Alone

They might not generally be regarded as pests, but ants can be highly irritating to anyone eating, working or sitting out in the garden. There are very few humane ways to remove them and many agree that ants are best left alone.

If you’re suffering with a pest problem, UK Commercial Cleaning have a highly trained team of pest control experts, who possess all the tools to effectively deal with your problem.

Tony Earnshaw

Managing Director

Since single-handedly forming the UK Commercial Group a decade ago, Tony Earnshaw has remained at the helm - overseeing the company's developments and making all of the plays necessary to remain at the forefront of a highly competitive industry.

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