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Preparing your Home for the Colder Weather

November 21, 2018 - by Tony Earnshaw

As the weather gets colder and the warmth of summer fades into memory, it’s time to start getting ready for winter. We tend to think about heating inside the home as the primary concern, but there is also a lot to be done outside to keep you warm.

Clear the Gutters

At this time of year, leaves are falling off the trees and gathering in drainpipes and gutters causing them to block. Subsequent heavy rainfall can cause leaks and flooding, so be sure to clear the gutters before the winter sets in. If you struggle to reach them, it is worth contacting a gutter cleaning company or garden maintenance contractor to help.

Trim back trees to help keep the leaves away from the gutters and you’ll reduce the amount of foliage blocking drains. Keeping trees away from the roof also means less chance of damage from falling branches.

Service the Boiler

An efficient boiler is a safe boiler. It won’t break down, meaning your home stays warm and the risk of carbon monoxide is minimised. Book your boiler service in regularly, year on year, and you’ll keep your costs down and won’t waste energy.

Now is a good time to look at lagging pipes. Insulation reduces the heat lost, meaning rapid changes of temperature are minimised. Freezing pipes are more likely to burst, which has the potential to cause a great deal of damage to your home.

Finally, check your home insurance is up to date and be clear as to what is covered – forewarned is forearmed after all. Contact your energy supplier to check you are on the best rate, and if you believe you are paying too much, shop around for a provider that can offer something more in tune with your requirements.

Of course, the colder months offer the perfect opportunity to snuggle up at home with a cosy blanket and a hot drink so be sure to enjoy the cooler months too!

Tony Earnshaw

Managing Director

Since single-handedly forming the UK Commercial Group a decade ago, Tony Earnshaw has remained at the helm - overseeing the company's developments and making all of the plays necessary to remain at the forefront of a highly competitive industry.

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