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Commercial Cleaning
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why poles? Whats wrong with buckets, chamois and ladders?

Since the new Health and Safety directive came into force, it is now illegal to clean above the second storey of a building using ladders, the water fed pole system has an advantage over other systems because not only does it cut out the risk of serious injury due to falls, but it’s design enables a more thorough clean.

Why do you use purified water?

Purified water has no chlorine or larger water born particles to leave streaking or water marks on the glass, therefore you get spotless windows, frames, signs, gutters and facias.

Seems to be a lot of equipment, will it take up a lot of space?
It will all depend on your requirements, the advantage of using water fed poles is that they’re easily stored, simple and lightweight. Tanks of purified water are situated in the back of our vans and the water is then fed by pump through the poles and applied to the windows with no noise causing little if any inconvenience to residents or neighbours.