BESA Approved Grease Hygiene Technician (GHT) course- 3 days + UKCG Kitchen Deep Cleaning Course- 1 Day (4 days total)


Whether you’re a chef, hotel manager, in the catering trade or the cleaning industry this course will benefit you.


Full Description

Location: Newcastle- NE11 0HZ

Duration:  4 Days (2 days training, 1 day Assessment for BESA GHT then 1 day training on 4th day for Kitchen Deep Cleaning)

Cost: £585 + VAT- This includes your BESA Training Card & Certificate upon Successful completion for the BESA Approved GHT course & a UKCG certificate for completion of the Kitchen Deep Clean course.

Grease Hygiene Technician (GHT)

Who should take the course?

The course is designed for people who are supervisors or have previous experience in the Grease Hygiene industry. Knowledge of Grease Hygiene extract systems or work within the building engineering services sector would be advantageous.

Candidates do not have to hold the BESA GHO qualification however it is advisable for beginners or those lacking the experience in the sector.

Course overview:

Delegates will be shown training on the practical & Theory side of the course, assessments on both will be required for successful completion. Final assessment is in the form of a multiple choice question paper, a practical assessment and a professional discussion.

The Practical & Theory sessions include:

  • Preparing your work environment.
  • Safe working practices including H&S.
  • The principles behind a Grease Extraction System and the components that can go with it.
  • Cleaning of Grease Extraction Systems as well as methods & equipment.
  • Supervising teams and allocating work.
  • Pre & post clean verification and testing including “Wet film thickness testing”

Knowledge taught within the course:

  • H&S in the workplace including PPE
  • Understanding how a kitchen grease extraction system works and its components.
  • Prepare the work environment, PPE & equipment selection.
  • Selecting a location, preparing and fitting access panels (various cutting methods).
  • Using different cleaning methods, the most practical solutions & how to safely carry out a clean.
  • Housekeeping after a clean.
  • Supervising a team and showing how to lead.
  • Understand & put into practice pre & post clean testing and reporting.

Kitchen Deep Clean

Who should take the course?

This course is designed for people new to the cleaning industry or for domestic cleaners looking to move to a more commercial type of clean. Kitchen Deep Cleaning goes hand in hand with Extraction cleaning with many customers wanting both services done at the same time.

Course overview:

Delegates will be shown various pieces of equipment as well as learning times and cleaning methods. This is a course designed to teach knowledge and methods so as such is not a pass fail course.

The Practical & Theory sessions include:

  • H&S including PPE & COSHH
  • Systematic ways to achieve your goal.
  • Different types of equipment.
  • Cleaning methods & Equipment
  • The difference between Carbon, Grease, Dirt, Grime & Lime scale.

Knowledge taught within the course:

  • Preparing the environment for a clean.
  • Dismantling & reassembling various pieces of equipment
  • Cleaning walls, Tiles and Ceilings.
  • The use of floor buffers, Steam vac’s and other equipment

Important Info:

  • Doing the course does not guarantee a pass, you must successfully complete the multiple choice paper, Practical assessment & Professional discussion to pass.
  • Tea & Coffee is provided on the course however lunch is not ( Lots of places locally to get food)
  • Local Accommodation details can be provided upon booking.
  • Places are limited and must be paid for in full to book the course.
  • UKCG are not liable for any travel or accommodation expenses.
  • BESA training terms & conditions will also apply. Can be provided by request.
  • In the unlikely event a course is cancelled we reserve the right to offer a full refund or an alternative date.

Course Dates

23rd – 26th September 2019

14th – 17th October 2019

18th – 21st November 2019

20th – 23rd January 2020

24th – 27th February 2020

23rd – 26th March 2020

27th – 30th April 2020

18th – 21st May 2020

22nd – 25th June 2020

This includes all personal protective equipment, chemicals, cleaning equipment and a full day of training in our purpose built training area.

All of our courses are held at our training centre which is located in our Gateshead Head Office- NE11 0HZ.

Courses run from 09:30 until 16:00 depending on the level of experience of the trainees.

Local hotels are available the closest of which being the Premier Inn Newcastle Team Valley- NE11 0BE.

If you have any other questions please feel free to contact our office on 0800 032 9533.





Please Note: The booking is non refundable.