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Commercial Cleaning
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Air Conditioning Cleaning

Nationwide Air Conditioning Cleaning & Maintenance Company and Services

BESA Compliant & Approved

There’s nothing like a clean office space to welcome you at the start of every working day. If the air in your premises is stale or stuffy, would you like to stay there for long?

Fresh air plays a crucial role in offering a safe working environment. On average we breathe about 10,000 litres of air.

Over time, duct systems become fouled and can affect the quality of air we breathe. The good news is that you can control the kind of air produced in your office premises. A scheduled maintenance programme is the easiest way to keep your premises safe for everyone.

At UK Commercial Cleaning, we provide national & nationwide air conditioning cleaning & maintenance services. All our work meets B&ES TR19 standards and complies with HSG202.

What We Do

We clean every component of your air duct system for a perfect clean including air supply ducts, return air ducts, grilles, registers and diffusers. We will also check your duct sealing for leaks which can help keep new pollutants from circulating in your premises. Our nationwide air conditioning technicians will clean your entire air duct system professionally, efficiently and quickly.

Why Choose UK Commercial Cleaning

  • Fast, efficient and highly effective air duct cleaning to B&ES TR19 Standards
  • No leakage of contaminants
  • Superior technique
  • Fully trained cleaning technicians
  • We are BESA Approved & Compliant, Certification provided after completion.

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