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Commercial Cleaning
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High Pressure Steam Cleaning Solutions

National High Pressure Steam Cleaning

National High Pressure Steam Cleaning

High-pressure steam cleaning offers the perfect solution for blocked drains and sewers. At UK Commercial Cleaning, we have been unblocking drains across the UK for years. A blocked drain or sewer can be a huge hassle. Our expert nationwide high-pressure steam cleaning technicians will work quickly to identify the cause and provide a permanent solution using our specialist equipment.

Specialist Equipment

With our nationwide high-pressure steam cleaning, you can bid goodbye to all the hassle involved with drain cleaning. Our technicians will come equipped with the latest and the best drain cleaning equipment including high water pressure cutting equipment, root cutting equipment, de-scaling equipment, and location equipment.
Our high-pressure steam cleaning equipment can travel the length of the pipe, easily negotiate bends and deliver huge amounts of force to clear out all sorts of blockages.

One Solution for all Drain Problems

Drain jetting is perfect for all kinds of drains and blockages. The powerful steam coming out of our drain jetting equipment will clear out grease, scale or fat quickly, easily and efficiently. What’s more, it can even remove tree roots or anything else that might be stuck in the drain.

Fully Trained Technicians

Our technicians are fully trained and have years of experience in high-pressure steam cleaning. They’re prepared to carry out this service efficiently, quickly and professionally. With offices in Newcastle, London, Leeds, and Manchester, we offer nationwide high-pressure steam cleaning services.

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