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Commercial Cleaning
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Winter Supplies

Nationwide Winter Supplies

The harsh winter weather can result in wet floors, icy car parks, messy doormats and more. The risk for slip and fall accidents is huge. Is your home or business prepared to minimise the risk? Are you winter ready?
If you are not winter ready yet, now is the right time to stock up on those essential winter supplies.

Be Winter Ready with UK Commercial Cleaning

At UK Commercial Cleaning Solutions, we have a huge range of winter supplies to ensure you are winter ready. Whether you are a home owner or manage a business, we deliver winter supplies nationwide

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Winter Supplies Checklist

Here’s a look at some things you can do to prepare your residence/business premises for winters.

  • Use grit to de-ice floors
  • Cover walkways with arbour or insulating material
  • Make use of less slippery walkways
  • Place new entrance mats
  • Stock up on carpet stain removers and calcium removers to keep your carpets and doormats clean
  • Stock up on grit, rock salt, rapid ice melt and snow scoop
  • Invest in a good quality grit bin
  • Buy screen wash, safety signs and first aid kit
  • Buy high visibility safety jackets, gloves and waistcoats

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Ready to place your order? Need help deciding what winter supplies you’ll need? Whether you are looking to place your order or need expert advice, UK Commercial Cleaning Solutions are here to help.
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